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Covered entries are more than just fine touches—and there are a couple of practical reasons why you need one.

First, it protects you from the weather when opening the door, and second, it safeguards your front door and area from the harsh weather conditions. What’s more, a covered entry is an obvious way to make an architectural expression.

Surprisingly, many homes do not have a covered entrance or have one that’s not fully covered, often exposing the occupants to weather conditions as they fumble to get in.

Could it be that your builder wanted to save a few dollars on construction? Well, whatever the case, partnering with an established home improvement guru like Mahoney Construction is a sure way to get what you deserve—a remarkable, lasting covered entry.

Just like our other home improvement services, we create solid structures that fully conform to the industry’s building codes.

Are you in Milford, Monroe, or Greenwich, and Weston areas and looking to make your house elegant with a roof extension? Well, look no further than Mahoney Construction. We specialize in a wide range of out-building and interior/exterior trim works and can guarantee a spectacular custom design to make your home pop.

Whether you want a wood gable covered entry, glass or a trendy front door, or a ceiling for your outdoor entry walk way, we deliver the best results to match or complement your home’s look and feel for a personalized, warm transition into your home.


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  •       Excellent communication skills, knowledgeable builders, and complete customer satisfaction


With our expertise in building aesthetically appealing covered entries, we ensure the overhang is large enough to accommodate at least two people—and keep them well covered as one opens the front door while the other(s) stands to either of the sides.

So, are you in Fairfield County and looking for unique covered entry home designs for your new home or existing one? Try the experts at Mahoney Construction. Call us on 203-459-2854 for the best covered entries in Fairfield County.